Current Projects

Woodland Golf Club, MA (Donald Ross & Alex Findlay, 1903): Master Plan (2019) & Spring 2020 Renovation

Atlantic Golf Club, NY (Rees Jones, 1992): Master Plan (2019) & New Winter 2019 10-Acre Practice Facility & Select Golf Course Bunker Work

Beverly Country Club, IL (Donald Ross, 1919): Master Plan (2018) & Fall 2019 Restoration with Ron Prichard

Northmoor Country Club, IL (Donald Ross, 1918): Master Plan (2020) & Fall 2021 Large Scale Renovation

Monroe Golf Club, NY (Donald Ross, 1923): Master Plan (2020) & on-going Restoration

Barton Hills Country Club, MI (Donald Ross, 1923): Master Plan (2017) & Fall 2018 Restoration & Greens/Approaches Re-grassing

Skokie Country Club, IL (Donald Ross, 1915): 2016 Greens, Approaches, and Fairway Re-grassing and ongoing Restoration with Ron Prichard

Cedar Rapids Country Club, IA (Donald Ross, 1915): Completed Restoration for 2019 USGA Senior Women’s Amateur with Ron Prichard

Portland Country Club, ME (Donald Ross, 1921): Completed Restoration in 2017 with Ron Prichard

Jeffersonville Golf Club, PA (Donald Ross, 1931): Master Plan for New 9 Hole Short Course (2019) & on-going Restoration

Riverton Country Club, NJ (Donald Ross, 1916): Master Plan (2019) & on-going Restoration

Mountain Lake Club, FL (Seth Raynor, 1916): Completed Restoration with Ron Prichard

Charlotte Country Club, NC (Donald Ross, 1925): Completed Restoration for 2018 USGA Mid-Amateur with Ron Prichard

Trenton Country Club, NJ (J. Norton, 1916; A.W. Tillinghast, 1934): Completed Restoration

Evanston Golf Club, IL (Donald Ross, 1918): Master Plan (2015) & on-going Restoration

Northland Country Club, MN (Donald Ross, 1924-1927): On-going Restoration

Riverside Country Club, Canada (Donald Ross, 1937): On-going Restoration with Ron Prichard