Master Plans

2019 Jeffersonville Golf Club, PA: Short Course Master Plan (Donald J. Ross, 1931)

Jeffersonville Short Course 040519 (Colored)

2019 Green Spring Valley Hunt Club, MD: Master Plan (Herbert Strong, 1929/RTJ, Sr. 1957)

Green Spring Valley Hunt Club Master Plan 032619 (Photoshop)

2019 Moselem Springs Golf Club, PA: Master Plan (George Fazio, 1962)

Moselem Springs 050719 (Colored)

2018 Evanston Golf Club, IL: Master Plan (Donald J. Ross, 1918)

Evanston Golf Club Colored Master Plan 2016 (Revised)

2017 Lake Shore Country Club, IL: Master Plan (Donald J. Ross, 1918) with Ron Prichard

Scanned Image

2017 Irondequoit Country Club, NY: Practice Facility Plan (Donald J. Ross, 1916) with Ron Prichard

ICC Practice Facility Plan Colored Revised

2017 Skokie Country Club, IL: Three Hole Short Course Plan (Donald J. Ross, 1914) with Ron Prichard

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